Wednesday, 01 December 2021

Best GTA 5 Alternatives for Android

Author: Ace Weiss

Open World adventures on your mobile device? Sounds nice! There are so many titles that we have nearly lost count but are they really up to the mark? Are they any close to the Flag Bearer of open world gaming, GTA 5? Well, here are some of the best GTA 5 alternatives to play on Android.

Gangster Rio: City of Saints


(image credit: Gameloft)


This game won’t let you miss GTA when it comes to the missions and the open world elements offered. With a 4.1 stars rating, the game really is something to begin with. With dozens of vehicles to steal, opportunities to make the most of and over 60 action oriented missions. Gangster Rio has very rightfully deserved the spot at the top.


MadOut 2: Big City


(image credit: MadOut Games/Vladislav Ivanchuk)


This title offers two very important elements that GTA V offers, one being the huge map that spans over 10 kilometers and the second is the open world aspect. The game comes with super fluid car physics for an android game with a large variety of vehicles to choose from.




(image credit: Gameloft)


This title from mobile gaming biggie in the industry, Gameloft carries that gangster-thug vibe so well with all the side hustles, wars and violence in the game, mimicking Rockstar pretty well. The main focus on the action has made the title extremely fun to play. Just as the title suggests, this game is all about guns and glory that comes with them.


Gangster Vegas


(image credit: Gameloft)


This one is the REAL DEAL!! The godfather of GTA clones in the mobile market, the biggest and the baddest, none other than Gangster Vegas. Yet another masterpiece from Gameloft. You are on the hit list of a kingpin for winning a boxing match that you’re promised to throw, in the shoes of Jason Malone, the need for survival ends up being the birth of a new ruler for the sin city.


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